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Brother new & reconditioned Industrial Sewing Machines


Brother LH4-B800E
Electronic Lockstitch Button Hole

See this new model: Brother HE-800A

   The advanced Brother electronic button hole machine with built in multi program button-hole styles and easy operation control panel for user settings..

   Machine features a quick & accurate cutter system which is solenoid driven and able to cut more than once, in a single sew cycle.

   Electronic control of the number of stitches replaces the need for exchanging cutter cams, when you want to sew different button holes   


   20 standard built-in button hole patterns, 1 simple bar tack pattern and the ability to store up to 90 adjusted memory patterns.

   For special applications the data storage P-ROM can be changed with a custom P-ROM which is programmed with your own pattern.

Cutter length : 6.0-32 mm
Max. sewing width : 6 mm
Max. buttonhole length : 40 mm
Height of presser foot : 13 mm
Max. sewing speed : 4,000 rpm

See this new model: Brother HE-800A

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